How to get support

LXD maintains different release branches in parallel.

Long term support (LTS) releases

The current LTS releases are LXD 5.21.x (snap channel 5.21/stable - this is the default channel), LXD 5.0.x (snap channel 5.0/stable) and LXD 4.0.x (snap channel 4.0/stable).

The LTS releases follow the Ubuntu release schedule and are released every two years:

  • LXD 5.21 is supported until June 2029. It gets frequent bugfix and security updates, but does not receive any feature additions. Updates to this release happen approximately every six months, but this schedule should be seen as a rough estimation that can change based on priorities and discovered bugs.

  • LXD 5.0 is supported until June 2027.

  • LXD 4.0 is supported until June 2025.

Feature releases

After LXD 5.21 is released, the next feature release will be LXD 6.x (starting with 6.1). It is available through the snap channels latest/stable, latest/candidate, and latest/edge, in addition to channels for the most recent specific releases (for example, 6.1/stable). See snap info lxd for a full list of available channels.

Feature releases are pushed out about every month and contain new features as well as bugfixes. The normal support length for those releases is until the next release comes out. Some Linux distributions might offer longer support for particular feature releases that they decided to ship.

Support and community

The following channels are available for you to interact with the LXD community.

Bug reports

You can file bug reports and feature requests at:


A discussion forum is available at:


If you prefer live discussions, you can find us in #lxd on See Getting started with IRC if needed.

Commercial support

Commercial support for LXD is available through Ubuntu Pro (Ubuntu Pro (Infra-only) or full Ubuntu Pro). The support covers all LTS versions for five years starting from the day of the release.

See the full service description for detailed information about what support Ubuntu Pro provides.


The official documentation is available at:

You can find additional resources on the website, on YouTube and in the Tutorials section in the forum.