How to create and configure projects

You can configure projects at creation time or later. However, note that it is not possible to modify the features that are enabled for a project when the project contains instances.

Create a project

To create a project, use the lxc project create command.

You can specify configuration options by using the --config flag. See Project configuration for the available configuration options.

For example, to create a project called my-project that isolates instances, but allows access to the default project’s images and profiles, enter the following command:

lxc project create my-project --config features.images=false --config features.profiles=false

To create a project called my-restricted-project that blocks access to security-sensitive features (for example, container nesting) but allows backups, enter the following command:

lxc project create my-restricted-project --config restricted=true --config restricted.backups=allow


When you create a project without specifying configuration options, features.profiles is set to true, which means that profiles are isolated in the project.

Consequently, the new project does not have access to the default profile of the default project and therefore misses required configuration for creating instances (like the root disk). To fix this, use the lxc profile device add command to add a root disk device to the project’s default profile.

Configure a project

To configure a project, you can either set a specific configuration option or edit the full project.

Some configuration options can only be set for projects that do not contain any instances.

Set specific configuration options

To set a specific configuration option, use the lxc project set command.

For example, to limit the number of containers that can be created in my-project to five, enter the following command:

lxc project set my-project limits.containers=5

To unset a specific configuration option, use the lxc project unset command.


If you unset a configuration option, it is set to its default value. This default value might differ from the initial value that is set when the project is created.

Edit the project

To edit the full project configuration, use the lxc project edit command. For example:

lxc project edit my-project