Transferring ownership of a Launchpad project

Transferring the ownership of a project in Launchpad takes more than simply changing the maintainer of a project when there is private content associated with it.

This is particularly evident for private projects, when after updating the project’s maintainer, the maintainer themselves might not be able to see the private project they maintain.

This is because the permissions to see and update a project are defined via its sharing policies, which need updating in such cases.

How to transfer the ownership of a private project

To transfer the ownership of a project from team A to team B:

  1. Update the project’s maintainer to team B. To do so, either:

    • access your project’s page and click on the “edit” button near the “maintainer” field.

    • go directly to<project_name>/+edit-people.

  2. Check the project’s “Sharing policies”. To do so, either:

    • go to your project page, and click on the “Sharing” button on the right panel.

    • go directly to<project name>/+sharing.

3. If any sharing policies are in place, update them so that the policies associated with team A are now associated with team B instead.

You can find more details about “Sharing policies” in your project’s “Sharing policies” page.