Mirror prober


The mirror prober script checks the Ubuntu CD mirrors and the archive mirrors configured in Launchpad and updates their status based on the results of the health checks. It is run via a cron job on the launchpad-scripts unit only in the production environment.

Log files

When a mirror fails some checks, an email is sent to its owner’s email address with the relevant detailed logs from the failed run. These mirror-specific logs can be accessed by the Launchpad team and admins via the Launchpad web interface by opening the Launchpad page for the mirror (can be found under the appropriate mirror listing page - see the links in the previous section) and clicking on the Prober logs link in the right sidebar.

The mirror-prober.log file on the launchpad-scripts unit contains the generic, non-mirror-specific logs for each run of the mirror prober.


From the stg-launchpad account on launchpad-bastion-ps5.internal, the latest mirror prober logs can be accessed by running

stg-launchpad@launchpad-bastion-ps5:~$ rless scripts.lp.internal::lp-logs/mirror-prober.log

Release-time changes

See https://wiki.canonical.com/InformationInfrastructure/OSA/LPHowTo/ManualCdImageMirrorProber.

Common support cases

The Ubuntu Mirror admins handle adding, updating, removing, or deactivating Ubuntu mirrors. Any errors in the mirror prober logs will require a Launchpad team member to check the logs and the mirror and confirm whether it is an issue with the mirror itself or the mirror prober code.