Running Launchpad with Chameleon Template Engine


This is a historical document and might be out of date.

  • Uncomment <include package="z3c.ptcompat" /> in zcml/zopeapp.zcml to enable

Useful environment options for

# in debug-mode, templates on disk are reloaded if they're modified
CHAMELEON_DEBUG (default: false)

# disable disk-cache to prevent the compiler from caching on disk
CHAMELEON_CACHE (default: true)

# if eager parsing is enabled, templates are parsed upon
# instantiation, rather than when first called upon; this mode is
# useful for verifying validity of templates across a project
CHAMELEON_EAGER (default: false)

# in strict mode, filled macro slots must exist in the macro that's
# being used.
CHAMELEON_STRICT (default: false)

# when validation is enabled, dynamically inserted content is
# validated against the XHTML standard
CHAMELEON_VALIDATE (default: false)