Applying database schema changes

Whenever changes are made to the database schema, these changes need to be applied to the databases in use.

In order to apply changes to e.g. the test template database you need to run:

database/schema/ -d launchpad_ftest_template
database/schema/ -d launchpad_ftest_template

To migrate all of Launchpad’s databases in a standard development setup:

for db in launchpad_empty launchpad_dev_template launchpad_dev launchpad_ftest_template launchpad_ftest_playground; do
    database/schema/ -d "$db"
    database/schema/ -d "$db"

A more heavyweight approach is the following command:


Running this command will erase and rebuild everything.

make schema

If you only want to rebuild the test template database, please run the following command:

make -C database/schema test