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Style and language

Launchpad’s documentation is aimed at helping both beginners and experts. As such, we try to use appropriate writing for the subject, to use inclusive language, and to assume that the reader has as little prior knowledge as possible.

The nativation, structure, style, and content of our documentation follows the Diátaxis systematic framework for technical documentation authoring. This splits pages into tutorials, how-to guides, reference material, and explanatory text.

Some general tips that could help to ensure high quality documentation:

  • use a spell checker

  • resist being overly formal

  • resist being overly verbose

  • verify links and examples

We recommend using the Ubuntu style guide.

Feel free to suggest changes to any documentation topic with updated or more insightful information. We aim for consistency, but don’t let formality prevent you from contributing. If something is inconsistent, we’ll fix it. We’d rather have documentation that we can fix than not have documentation at all.