URL Traversal


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Launchpad does two forms of traversal

  1. from a URL to a view

  2. from an Interface to a URL

These are not symmetrical (you don’t go from a view to a URL or from a URL to an Interface).

Interface to URL

This is provided via the



Pure ZCML style

If possible, use the ZCML browser:url directive to configure the URL traversal

    rootsite="code" />

This specifies:

  1. We are defining a url for the ICodeReviewMessage interface

  2. attribute_to_parent defines the attribute of this interface that refers to the parent interface. Remember, we are starting from a leaf, and working back to the root URL.

  3. We are adding comments/${id } to the path of the parent Interface. Where id is the id field of the instance.

  4. rootsite is the subdomain this URL should be rooted at

Test cases for each URL type should be added to



Registering an ICanonicalUrlData adapter gives you more control, but is more verbose:

First, you need some ZCML:


This specifies the adapter function that will convert an IBranchTarget to an ICanonicalUrlData.

Next, you need to implement the factory:

from zope.interface import implementer
from zope.component import adapts

def get_canonical_url_data_for_target(branch_target):
    """Return the `ICanonicalUrlData` for an `IBranchTarget`."""
    return ICanonicalUrlData(branch_target.context)

The function decorators helps reduce the ZCML needed for registration, they specify:

  1. The interface that the adapter will provide: `ICanonicalUrlData`.

  2. The objects that the adapter works with: `IBranchTarget`.

Note that this is using the context of the view to get the ICanonicalUrlData. If it were only using the view, you’d get infinite recursion.

URL to View

The parent interface should have a



For example:

class BranchMergeProposalNavigation(Navigation):

    usedfor = IBranchMergeProposal

    def traverse_comment(self, id):
            id = int(id)
        except ValueError:
            return None
        return self.context.getMessage(id)

This specifies

  1. This Navigation subclass is for the IBranchMergeProposal interface.

  2. It provides one set of sub-urls: ‘comments/id’, where id is used to retrieve the actual content object that will be viewed.

The alternative is @stepto, which describes a specific navigation element. It provides navigation directly to the specified item.



must be registered:

    classes="BranchMergeProposalNavigation" />

A view object must be provided for the view.

class CodeReviewMessageView(LaunchpadView):

It should derive from either LaunchpadView or LaunchpadFormView

The view object must be registered for the appropriate interface:

    name="+index" />

This specifies that

  1. The default view for canonical.launchpad.interfaces.ICodeReviewMessage is named +index

  2. The pages we’re configuring are for canonical.launchpad.interfaces.ICodeReviewMessage

  3. The pages we’re configuring use canonical.launchpad.browser.CodeReviewMessageView

  4. The branches facet should be used. This controls certain aspects of display.

  5. The zope.Public permission is required to view the view

  6. The +index view name is associated with the template ../templates/codereviewmessage-index.pt