Working with db-devel

As the standard rocketfuel and ec2test scripts work on devel, some care must be taken when developing against db-devel. This is a guide for all who have only used rocketfuel-scripts so far.

You also should be familiar with the process for schema changes.

Alternative trunk

Check out the `db-devel` branch in your existing git clone:

git checkout db-devel
git pull

Now you can use this to create new branches of db-devel:

git checkout -b my-db-devel-branch db-devel

You can update db-devel by pulling in changes.

git checkout db-devel
git pull

You can merge changes from db-devel into your branch.

git checkout my-db-devel-branch
git merge db-devel
git commit -m "Merge db-devel"

Or rebase it if you prefer:

git checkout my-db-devel-branch
git rebase db-devel


Should we make it a habit to prefix these branches’ names with “db-” so we never forget? —jtv’’

Pushing to Launchpad

You can push to Launchpad as usual. If you haven’t set up a contributor remote already, replacing “myusername” with your Launchpad username:

git remote add myusername lp:~myusername/launchpad

Then, to push a branch:

git push -u myusername my-db-devel-branch

Creating a merge proposal

It is very important to get the merge target right when creating a merge proposal, otherwise your reviewer will see a much larger patch than what you thought you were submitting.

When creating a merge proposal through the UI make sure to set db-devel as the target branch path.


It is a good idea to mention that you want to merge into db-devel in the cover letter because it is not very conspicuous to the reviewer otherwise.