Create job to publish artifact

Often we need to publish our project’s artifacts so they can be accessed by other entities. When building a charm with the launchpad-base layers, for example, you will want your code to be published in Swift as a tarball, so that the right version of your code is downloaded when building the charm.

We also want the artifact building to be automated. This can be achieved by having Jenkins jobs building your artifact on code merge.

Steps to take

  1. Open an IS ticket to create Swift credentials for your new project

    • Your new IS ticket should go into the Launchpad queue, have a title along the lines of “Swift credentials for <project name> builds” and have information along the lines of:

      “We need a new Swift user and a project whose credentials we’ll use in a Jenkins job to build deployment artifacts and publish them to Swift. The user can be named ‘stg-<project name>-builds’ and the project ‘stg-<project name>-builds_project’.”

      Open this ticket as early as possible since it might take a while until IS can go through it (if you need to speed up the turnaround, you might want to prioritize the ticket).

  2. Create ‘build-tarball’ and ‘publish-tarball’ commands in your project’s Makefile

    • The build-tarball command should rebuild the virtual environment anew, create a wheel with all the necessary dependencies, and then build a tarball into a given path (build/<commit-id>/<name-of-tar>.tar.gz for example) - see existing examples in the Launchpad suite!

    • For the publishing, copy script (found in a few Launchpad projects including Launchpad itself) to your project’s directory. The publish-tarball command should be dependent on build-tarball and should run the publish-to-swift script - again see existing examples.

  3. Create or update jenkins job to run the publishing command

    • Check if there is already a file for your project within the ols-jenkaas repo in the /jobs folder. If there isn’t, create one based on an existing one.

    • The important sections to make the job publish your tarball are the build-command - it should run your make publish-tarball command - and the jobs list, which should have at least the {name}-build-charm and trigger-{name}-build-charm-on-changes.

  4. Get the new credentials into Jenkins

    • Someone responsible for Jenkins (ask IS or your team who that person is) will need to add the new credentials IS created to your Jenkins jobs.

    • To get the new credentials that IS created, you should SSH into launchpad-bastion-ps5, assume the new role created by IS, and there will be a README file with some guidelines. You’ll see there that you can simply run load_creds openstack to load your credentials into environment variables. To share them with the person responsible, ask them what they might need. The most relevant credentials are OS_USERNAME, OS_TENANT_NAME and OS_PASSWORD.