Manage users and teams in development environments

Create new users


In environments that use the test OpenID provider, such as the development appserver started via make run, you can create a new account using the utilities/make-lp-user script and log into that account at https://launchpad.test/.

For example, to add user ~test-user, navigate to your local Launchpad repo and run: utilities/make-lp-user test-user.


Some development environments, such as those deployed using the Mojo spec, use production Single Sign-On for authentication. In these environments, you should not use utilities/make-lp-user; instead, log into https://{qastaging,staging} via SSO as you would on production to create your user.

Add user to a team

Let’s say we created a new ~test-user user in the previous section, and we want to add it to the ~admins team. We can use the utilities/anoint-team-member script within the Launchpad repo for this purpose.

For staging and qastaging we should:

1. SSH into launchpad-bastion-ps5, and switch to the stg-launchpad user by running sudo -iu stg-launchpad.

2. SSH into the launchpad-scripts juju unit, by running in-model qastaging juju ssh launchpad-scripts/leader.

  1. Add the user to the team by running:

/srv/launchpad/code/utilities/anoint-team-member <username> <team-name>

In our example:

/srv/launchpad/code/utilities/anoint-team-member test-user admins