Launchpad installation details

What the installation process does

The rocketfuel-setup script first determines what release of Ubuntu you’re running, then installs various lines into files under /etc, to enable you to run Launchpad services locally. For example, it adds entries for “launchpad.test”, “bazaar.launchpad.test”, “lists.launchpad.test”, and others to your /etc/hosts file, so that after you build Launchpad you can browse to launchpad.test and see a locally-running instance. It also installs some packages, dependencies that Launchpad needs in order to run. This is why the sudo access is necessary; consult the script for details of what it’s doing.

Once it’s got the system preparation out of the way, the script clones Launchpad’s Git repository (that’s the launchpad directory above). That will take a while.

After it gets that, it fetches the other dependencies, the third-party libraries, by invoking a separate script, launchpad/utilities/rocketfuel-get. That will take a while too, as there are over 200 such libraries.

Once it has all the dependencies, it links them into the trunk working tree, using the script launchpad/utilities/link-external-sourcecode.

Do-it-yourself installation

We only support using rocketfuel-setup to set up Launchpad. It adjusts a lot of things to get the development process running smoothly, as summarized above. However, sometimes you might want to just get a build of Launchpad to run its tests, or to run a script packaged with Launchpad, or to do your own manual changes of the files that rocketfuel-setup would normally touch. These are the basics of what needs to be done for that route - unsupported hints.

You’ll need packages from a PPA: ppa:launchpad/ubuntu/ppa.

$ sudo apt-add-repository ppa:launchpad/ubuntu/ppa

Install the launchpad-developer-dependencies package.

Get the code:

$ git clone
$ cd launchpad
$ git clone --depth=1 download-cache
$ make

Are there Launchpad packages available?

No, Launchpad is not packaged as a .deb or a snap or anything like that, and there are no plans to do so. Launchpad deployment is done straight from Git branches. We don’t want to increase complexity further by adding a packaging method that we wouldn’t use ourselves.