Canonical Support: overview and process

Ubuntu Pro includes self-service support, that can be upgraded to comprehensive support contract.

Support contract options

Your account will include different levels of support according to the options in your organisation’s contract:

Response options

  • 24/5: Monday to Friday (in your timezone)

  • 24/7: any time of day, every day

Coverage options

  • Infra-only: Ubuntu main repository (~2,300 packages)

  • Full Pro: Ubuntu main and universe repositories (~25,000 packages)

Storage: up to 192TB of Ceph or Swift raw storage per covered machine

Products covered: Kubernetes, OpenStack, Ceph, MAAS, LXD

Severity levels and response times

For support contracts only; self-service support does not qualify.

Severity Level



1 - Core functionality critical impact / service down

4 hours excl. weekends and holidays

1 hour

2 - Core functionality severely degraded

8 business hours

2 hours

3 - Standard support request

12 business hours

6 hours

4 - Non-urgent request

24 business hours

12 hours

Business hours are defined as 08:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday, local to the customer HQ, unless another location has been agreed.

For further information about what is covered under your support contract, refer to the Ubuntu Pro Service Description.

Support case lifecycle

flowchart TD Start(Customer experiences an issue on a covered machine & troubleshoots)-->Search(Customer searches Knowledge Base for resolution) Search --> D{Solution found?} D --> |No| Case D --> |Yes| End Case(Case opened by customer via phone or Support Portal) Case --> F(Support Case is triaged and actioned with severity level set appropriately) F --> G(Case is assigned to TSE,TAM or DSE) G --> H{Problem solved?} H --> |Yes| I(Case set to 'Closed - resolved' after customer agreement) H --> |No| K(Case escalated to Sustaining Engineering Group) I --> J[Customer satisfaction survey is sent] --> End K --> L{Problem solved?} L --> |Yes| I L --> |No| K End(End)