How to open a case

To get the best (and fastest possible) results from Canonical Support, take a few moments to ensure that you provide us with the information we need to help you:

Log in to the Support Portal.

Search the Canonical Knowledge Base for articles relevant to your case - your issue may already have a solution.

If no solution is available in the Knowledge Base, select the New ticket button on the homepage.

Complete the ticket form. Most fields are self-explanatory, but note:

Description - include:

  • exact time & date the problem occurred

  • what the steps or actions you took

  • what was the result of that action

  • what you expected or wanted to happen

  • any other information you think is relevant

  • any logs, error messages, screenshots

Impact - tell us how the problem affects your organisation

If you are able to share a sosreport (below), this will help us respond faster and more accurately.


Canonical uses sosreports, or “state of system” reports, to diagnose and resolve problems. These comprise system logs and configuration data.

When you report a problem with your Ubuntu machine, you can generate and send a sosreport from the affected machine straight away.

Refer to the following articles for information on using sosreports: