Active machine count

The Ubuntu Pro dashboard displays an “active machine” count for each subscription to Ubuntu Pro. This is the number of online machines attached to your Pro token that have pinged Canonical servers within the last 24 hours.

Consumption of the following services is registered under active machines:

  • ESM-Infra and ESM-Apps

  • Livepatch

  • USG

  • CIS

  • FIPS

Machines registered to Landscape are not included.


If you detach a machine from your Ubuntu Pro token, the reduction in active machine count will take place 24 hours later.

Customers with unlimited guest support

If you have licensed an entire virtual cluster to Ubuntu Pro at the physical host level, you are eligible for unlimited guest support. The Ubuntu Pro dashboard will display your license type as physical, however you should use the Pro token associated with that subscription on your virtual machines.

As you attach machines, you will see your active machine count go above your license count. This is expected behaviour and will not impact your access to the Pro services.