Dump PluginΒΆ

The dump plugin is a simple plugin that by default is equivalent to running the following command from the source directory:

cp --archive --link --no-dereference . "${CRAFT_PART_INSTALL}"

The source property is the key to this plugin. With some additional properties, they define the location where to get the files from, or which branch, tag, and/or commit to clone if it is a repository.

If you are not using the source files directly in the final payload, but want to run some custom commands to generate them, then you should use the nil plugin instead to avoid copying any unnecessary files.

Combining the dump plugin with the part properties allows extending the behavior to create new files, modify existing files, and/or filter files for the final payload. For example, it could be used with the override-build, to convert file formats.

The plugin can also be used with the organize to reorganize the files in the final payload. Like keep only libraries and exclude the binaries and headers from SDKs.