Make plugin

The Make plugin can be used with projects that use a Makefile to build with GNU Make. After a successful build, this plugin will run the install Makefile target with DESTDIR set to $CRAFT_PART_INSTALL.


In addition to the common plugin and sources keywords, this plugin provides the following plugin-specific keywords:


Type: list of strings Default: []

Options to pass to make.


The plugin requires make, its installation is handled by the plugin itself.

From the project, the Makefile must support the install target and the use of DESTDIR.

How it works

During the build step, the plugin performs the following actions:

  • Call make with any parameters defined in make-parameters

  • Call make install with the DESTDIR set to the installation directory defined for the part.


The following snippet declares a part using the make plugin, the source referred to in the part contains a Makefile at the root and and install target that respects DESTDIR, an alternate compiler is set using make-parameters:

    source: .
    plugin: make
      - CC=clang
      - clang