Qmake plugin

The qmake plugin configures projects using qmake, and builds them by processing the project files files to be run with using GNU Make.

After a successful build, this plugin will install the generated binaries in $CRAFT_PART_INSTALL.


In addition to the common plugin and sources keywords, this plugin provides the following plugin-specific keywords:


Type: list of strings Default: []

Parameters to configure the project using common qmake semantics.


Type: string Default: “”

The qmake project file to use. This is usually only needed if qmake can not determine what project file to use on its own.


Type: int Default: 5

Sets the Qt major version. The default is Qt 5, set to 6 for Qt 6 projects.

Environment variables

The plugin sets the QT_SELECT environment variable to qmake-major-version.


The qmake plugin needs the qmake executable to configure, and the make executable to build. These dependencies are provided by the plugin as a build-packages entry.

The plugin also sets up g++. Other compiler or library dependencies the source requires to build are to be provided.

How it works

During the build step the plugin performs the following actions:

  • Run qmake in the build directory to setup the Makefiles, the project is configured with any qmake-parameters that might have been set. If qmake-project-file has been set, qmake refers to the defined file to configure the project;

  • make is run to build the source;

  • make calls the install target with DESTDIR set to $CRAFT_PART_INSTALL.


The following snippet declares a part using the qmake plugin for a local source that contains a .pro project file. It specifies that the major Qt version is 6, and that the project should be built with the Debug configuration:

    source: .
    plugin: qmake
    qmake-major-version: 6
      - "CONFIG+=debug"