How to publish a slice definition

At this stage, you have created some package slice definitions and you have a custom Chisel release in your local development environment. You have also tested this custom Chisel release, and it works! You believe there are others who could really use it as well, so how can you make it accessible to everyone?

It is as simple as proposing your changes into the upstream Chisel releases repository:

  1. Fork this repository and clone your fork:

# Let's assume we are working with Ubuntu 22.04
git clone -b ubuntu-22.04<your_github_username>/chisel-releases.git
  1. Create a branch:

cd chisel-releases
git checkout -b create-openssl-bins-slice
  1. Add and commit your modifications:

cp <path/to/your/slice/definitions/file> slices
git add slices/
git commit -m "feat: add new slice definitions for 'name_of_the_package'"
git push origin create-openssl-bins-slice

Create a pull request and wait for it to be merged.

And that’s it! Your custom Chisel release and new slice definitions are now available in Chisel, and anyone can use them. Congrats! And thank you for your contribution.