The Flask extension streamlines the process of building Flask application rocks.

It facilitates the installation of Flask application dependencies, including Gunicorn, inside the rock. Additionally, it transfers your project files to /flask/app within the rock.

A statsd-exporter is installed alongside the Gunicorn server to export Gunicorn server metrics.


The Flask extension is compatible with the bare and ubuntu@22.04 bases.

Project requirements

There are 2 requirements to be able to use the flask-framework extension:

  1. There must be a requirements.txt file in the root of the project with Flask declared as a dependency

  2. The project must include a WSGI app with the path app:app. This means there must be an app.py file at the root of the project with the name of the Flask object is set to app

parts > flask-framework/install-app > prime

You can use this field to specify the files to be included or excluded from your rock upon rockcraft pack. Follow the flask/app/<filename> notation. For example:

      - flask/app/.env
      - flask/app/app.py
      - flask/app/webapp
      - flask/app/templates
      - flask/app/static

Some files, if they exist, are included by default. These include: app, app.py, migrate, migrate.sh, migrate.py, static, templates.